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‘Take up procurement of fuel’

‘Take up procurement of fuel’
GOVERNMENT’S decision to leave fuel procurement to the private sector is not practical as the move would trigger increases in the price of the commodity to cover the importation incurred, the Zambians United for Sustainable Development (ZUSD) has said.

ZUSD leader Lazarus Chisela said procurement of fuel is a critical structure of the government that shouldn’t be left in the hands of the private sector because they wouldn’t be able to meet the costs.
Dr. Chisela said in an interview that the already high cost of fuel would increase if the private sector alone takes up the responsibility of importing refined oil which was more expensive than crude oil imported by the government.
He said it’s for this reason that the government shouldn’t abandon its responsibility of buying crude oil and refine it so that people could buy cheaper fuel.

“The principle that the government wants to leave procurement of fuel to the private sector is not visible because they won’t be able to meet the costs,” he said.

Dr. Chisela pointed out that transportation is one of the critical structures of the country’s economic development.
He said for economic development to take place in the country, proper transportation which is affordable is a must.

It is the responsibility of the government world over even in developed countries to procure fuel because they have capacity, they have other sources of income,” Dr. Chisela said.

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