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A KITWE-based Entrepreneur involved in recycling solid waste material needs machinery and other form of support to turn into a big industry of recycling solid waste into Artifacts and other clothing especially on the Copperbelt and Lusaka.

Allinifwe Multi-purpose Co-operative Chief Executive Officer, Alice Makubalo said the innovation to recycle waste disposal was likely to reduce waste and create employment for youths because much of it will be collected and reduced to make artifacts and clothes.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday after attending the symposium on Solid Waste Management in the Kitwe Council Chamber, Ms Makubalo said, apart from reducing waste, the innovation will create employment for more than 1,200 women and youths living in project areas of Copperbelt Kitwe and Lusaka.

She said Statistics from the central statistics of Zambia shows that Zambia is generating a lot of waste which was not being utilised due to poor waste management system, adding that currently Zambia generates about 5(five) million tons of waste annually (14000 per day) but only half 50%of this is taken to designated dump site.

“For many years now,  waste management has emerged as one of the greatest challenges facing Zambia .So we believe this innovation by Allinifwe  likely to reduce waste as much waste will be collected and reduced to make artifacts and clothing.

“As a cooperative, we are hoping we can get support and machinery to grow into a big industry which would create jobs for youths . This innovation will create employment to more than 1,200 youth living in project areas of Copperbelt and Lusaka, of which 70%  will be woman , employment of youth will impact other 3, 600 indirect beneficiaries assuming a household of three(3) per each youth employed,’’ Ms Makubalo said.

Ms Makubalo, who is also member of Young Women In Mining (YWIM), said her organisation was started as an initiative to create employment and also reduce disposable waste, and was now looking at becoming a renowned name in waste disposal recycling industry.

She said the organization has succeeded to this time due to the passion and leadership skills that its founders possess, adding that,  from the time it was established, it has received recognition including support from Kitwe city council, and ministries.

“Allinifwe multi purpose co-operative was started as an initiative to create employment and also reduce disposable waste. Its vision is to become the leading manufacturer of artifacts and clothing  from waste in sub-sahara by the year 2030 with the projected revenue of about $ 130 million which will be done by utilising waste recycled products to produce quality and unique artifacts,’’ she said.

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