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PROJECT Support Learners Zambia (PSLZ) has appealed for the immediate unveiling and consequently orientation of elected Ward Development Committees (WDCs) and Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC) in Livingstone Constituency.

PSLZ Livingstone Coordinator Nyambe Mutete has observed that his organisation is advocating for the budgeting process that allows bottom up approach where stakeholders and local communities are involved to come up with projects or issues which affect them, than top  down approach where projects are imposed on the communities.

He said that there is need for all the committees to start working as soon as possible.

Mr Mutete has charged that it was for that reason that PSLZ is appealing for the quick orientation and training exercise for all WDC’s in order to equip and prepare them with much needed skills and knowledge on how they shall execute the new 2022 constituency development funds.

He has observed the need for the unveiling of those who have been selected and appointed as outlined by the CDF guidelines.

“If communities participate and own the projects, they shall take interest in monitoring starting with the implementation stage up to the project conclusion.

Hence civil societies have a big task to educate our communities to enable them come up with real actual issues which directly affect them,” he said.

Mr Mutete said, this is so because people’s involvement in the local authorities’ activity budget plan, will help formulate working budgets that shall provide transparency and accountability.

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