Dear Editor,

AS pioneers in the policy of taking power to the people by putting the destiny of each district in the hands of people who live in it, we wonder who will be in charge of recruitment of teachers taking cognisance of the “business as usual” approach in public administration whereby District Commissioners have been maintained as political instruments of carrying out directives from the Office of the President.

To be sure, DCs are an extension of the itchy tentacles of central government in the districts in which executive mayors exist as elected officials. Town Clerks are controlling officers of councils (districts under local government).

DCs have Administrative Officers as controlling officers in the same districts. This is what has chronically brought about systemic failure in service delivery.

The allegiance of DCs is not to the people in the districts, but rather to the appointing authority. Thus, recruitments will still be centrally controlled and it will be relatives of the politically connected who will get jobs. Corruption inheres in the system.

UPP, in government, will phase out District Commissioners. Further, all central government structures will be realigned to Local Government under executive mayors.


UPP leader.

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