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Zambia, China relations intact – minister

Zambia, China relations intact – minister
RELATIONS between China and Zambia remain cordial and positive, Foreign Affairs minister Stanely Kakubo told parliament yesterday.
He said the new dawn government has not in any way excluded China in its implementation of international diplomacy adding that as a show of good friendship, when President Hichilema was declared winner, the Chinese ambassador met the head of state to discuss Zambia’s relationship with his country.
Mr Kakubo said China is and will remain the biggest trade partner and therefore government will ensure that the relationship is kept intact all the time.
He also said the new dawn government has met cooperating partners on the international arena including China to enhance corporation.
Mr Kakubo said there is no shift in the manner the two countries are dealing with each other economically and diplomatically.
He said the new dawn government is in good books with China and so as Minister of Foreign Affairs will visit some of the projects being undertaken in the country.
Mr Kakubo said recently President Hichilema participated in a virtual meeting which was addressed by US and Chinese presidents where the head of state was the only African leader who was invited.
He said this signified the health relationship the country is enjoying with China who has been an all-weather friend to Zambia.
Mr Kakubo also said as Foreign Affairs Minister, he has been having conversations with his Chinese counterpart where a number of issues were tabled including Zambia’s debt to China.
He said from the time the UPND Alliance government came to power, the Chinese Government has donated one million doses of covid19 vaccine.
Mr Kakubo said China remains a key partner in economic development and that the country under the leadership of President Hichilema continues engaging in bilateral and Multilateral Corporation for the benefit of the Zambian people.
He said Chinese investment in the country is important as it creates the much needed jobs, value addition and skills transfer.
Mr Kakubo said when time comes, the President will visit China and also the Chinese President will be invited to Zambia.

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