Zambia’s agriculture sector, needs to move out of sentimental potential!

Zambia’s agriculture sector, needs to move out of sentimental potential!

Dear Editor,

THE agriculture sector demands stable export-led growth to balance up with the national requirements of food security throughout all seasons. Zambia’s agriculture sector indeed needs some revamping policy levers.

The agriculture sector is likely to face supply deficits during the rainy season if we don’t plan it pretty well with the high engaging export market. With the current going concerns, Zambia should now rise above the bar and beyond potential, we surely need to develop our agriculture capacity to more than the growth seen from Rwanda.

If Zambia is to realise Zambia’s agriculture sector, needs to move out of sentimental potential! maximumproduction in the 2021/2022 farming season, the government has to take special heed to many aspects being observed in the sector. Despite the vibrant outlook of the country’s agriculture sector, its look like we may have some supply deficits for home consumption amidst the appetising demands which is characterised with the patterns of our regional markets. Today’s local agricultural performance is showing some quantifiable and positive market structural index especially with some cash crops like soya beans which has shown buoyant levels of prices though it will be important to attend to certain inadequacies seen so far from the sector particularly in this year.

Zambia has such a huge potential with agriculture considering the beautiful soil types with good climatic conditions, unfortunately we have not performed as much as our potential statements. Rwanda is now known for its mountainous land yet farming activities of just focusing on the tea plantations, this gives them an outstanding dividend to sustain on most of their country’s macroeconomic and microeconomic requirements to meet up with the social sector demanding needs.

Rwanda is a transformational and dynamic country which has used the agriculture sector to emerge and walk the talk among peers in Africa, the country’s tourism sector doesn’t have much resources compared to what we have in Zambia.

Rwanda’s tourism and agriculture sectors have very limited resources but yet they have worked hard to outshine across the entire world. In Rwanda, the tourism is just a stock of baboons which is their major source of tourism activity and a strong earner in this once war-torn nation.


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