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NEWLY-appointed National Democratic Congress (NDC) ‘rebel group’ President Mwenya Musenge has been rejected by five senior party officials because he has no credibility to lead a political party as evidenced by his flip-flopping, NDC president Saboi Imboela has said.
Ms Imboela said no real member of the NDC could accept Mr Musenge as party president because he has no credibility and had lamentably failed to run his own political party, the Agenda for Human Development (AHD) due to lack of vision and no influence on those he was leading .
Ms Imboela was reacting to the decision by Anglican Priest Father Richard Luonde , Professor Muyenga Atanga, Newton Chabala and the other two, to reject Mr Musenge as party President .
“Any real member of the NDC cannot accept Mr Mwenya Musenge to lead them and so it is not surprising for me that those five senior members of the rebel group have decided to rebel against Mr Musenge. Mr Musenge has advised the five to form their own political party. That is the advice to all of them including Mr Musenge.
When asked to comment on calls by Mr Musenge for reconciliation, Ms Imboela said there was no need for reconciliation because Mr Musenge was an expelled member of the NDC and all what he needed to do was to ask for forgiveness from the party.
Ms Imboela said the biggest mistake Mr Musenge committed was to join the NDC rebel group of Joseph Rikki Akafumba instead of joining the genuine NDC lead by herself.
“When he formed AHD and failed to run it, he came back and joined the NDC rebel group of Mr Akafumba. It is so funny for Mr Musenge to say that he wants to reconcile with us.
On Sunday, five senior officials of the NDC including former Anglican Priest Father Richard Luonde were reported to have allegedly refused to work under the leadership of Mr Musenge
Mr Musenge confirmed that the five senior officials have refused to work with him and shunned a meeting of the National Governing Council (NGC) called to resolve issues which they had raised as some of the reasons why they had refused to work with him.

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