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THE dissolution of the Kennedy Kamba-led Lusaka provincial executive committee is the beginning of rebranded PF to stop indiscipline which partly cost us victory in the last elections, acting PF Secretary-General Nickson Chilangwa has said.
Mr Chilangwa said the decision was also arrived at to stem indiscipline in the party and make it attractive to Zambians and former PF members that had left out of frustrations due to indiscipline and caderism.

He however wowed that the party leadership would will not be distracted by the resistance by the culprits to instill discipline in the general membership for the betterment of the former ruling party.
He said contrary to insinuations that the perceived wrangles was the beginning of the end of the former ruling party, that was the beginning of the rebranded PF.
Mr Chilangwa said the process of rebranding had started by getting rid of undisciplined elements who were making the party unattractive.
“This is the beginning of the rebranded PF where discipline will be the order of the day. People in Lusaka are looking for a disciplined PF. People in the country are looking forward to the PF but they are saying, put your house in order. And that is what we are doing.
“And when such a process starts, there will be a resistance. That is expected. We know that there will be a few groups organised to start insults and cause confusion when they are wrong, instead of kneeling down and reflect. But that will not distract us from stemming indiscipline in the party,” he said.
Mr Chilangwa clarified that there was no enmity between him and members of the ousted Kennedy Kamba-led Lusaka provincial committee because they were his friends.
“In fact, members of the Lusaka provincial executive committee are all my friends. Kennedy Kamba and I are very good friends, we have come a long way. But when it comes to discipline, we put our friendship aside. It is like a parent who is disciplining his child, that does not mean he hates the child. We just want to put our house in order,” Mr Chilangwa said.
“It is important to deal with lawlessness and indiscipline because we want to attract more members from outside the party. We want those who had gone away to come back. There are people who left PF because of indiscipline, so we want this organisation to look attractive so that even our colleagues who left and formed political parties can come back,” he said.
Last Wednesday, the provincial executive committee was dissolved for allegedly insulting the former head of State and party president, Edgar Lungu.
Mr Chilangwa also announced that the central committee had suspended Mr Kamba for gross misconduct and fanning division in the party.

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