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...for police and immigration officers


LACK of decent accommodation for police and immigration officers at Kazungula border is one of the issues the government must quickly address, Kazubgula District Commissioner Elias Siamibila has pleaded.

Mr Siamibila said, there were only 10 houses for police officers at Kazungula border to cater for all the 42 police officers deployed to man the area.

He said that the previous government embarked on the construction of a modern police station and housing units for police and immigration officers but unfortunately, the project was abandoned at 70 per cent.

Mr Siamibila said that now that there is a new government, he is hopeful that the project will be completed as soon as possible.

He said that the two institutions were very important to the operations of the border town and therefore deserve decent accommodation to motivate them.

Speaking when Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu held a meeting with police officers in Kazungula, Mr Siamibila pleaded with the government to consider completing the works and ease the challenges of accommodation.

And in response, Mr Mwiimbu assured the district administration of government’s commitment in addressing challenges faced by officers under his ministry.

He said that the Government was committed to complet the project on time.

Mr Mwiimbu said, he was aware of government’s desire to provide decent housing to police and immigration officers hence the need to complete the works on time.

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