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Don’t use corruption fight to ‘fix’ opponents – Chief Kopa


IT IS not fair for the new dawn administration to persecute its opponents using the guise of fighting corruption when in fact the motive is to fix individuals who served in the previous regime, Senior Chief Kopa has said.

He said people should not start playing politics when dealing with corruption because it was a matter of national interest and needed to be dealt with maturely.

Senior Chief Kopa of the Bisa people of  Muchinga Province said  in an interview that the fight against corruption was needed to bring sanity in the country but that there was need to be very impartial when doing this.

He said politics was a game and there was no need to arrest people who were in this game if they were genuine in their dealings.

Senior Chief Kopa said that it was not fair what the sitting government was doing as they were playing politics at the expense of a genuine fight against corruption.

He sad said they should not take issues politically by castigating those they perceived to be political opponents.

He said that there was need to separate politics and governance as the fight against corruption was one that needed people to have sober minds not with a calculated motive to fix opponents.

Senior Chief Kopa said that it was clear that most of the arrests made were targeted at people that were closely associated to former President Edgar Lungu.


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