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WYNTER Kabimba, the Economic Front president, is right.

Under which statute have the Zambia Police Service summoned a former top official of the Patriotic Front to disclose the source of their campaign funds?

This is because, as Mr Kabimba explained, there is no law that compels political parties to disclose the sources of funding.

The police recently summoned Mr Davis Mwila, the former PF Secretary-General to disclose or explain about three campaign vehicles that the party during campaigns for the August 12, 2021 tripartite election.

This is not the first time that Mr Mwila has been summoned by the police.

He was called for questioning a few months ago in what the nation has come to learn is to probe the corruption during the time the PF was in government.

This has seen several top officials in the former government being summoned by the investigative wings to explain how they acquired their “wealth.”

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) has made fighting corruption its number one priority, that all those who allegedly plundered government resources will be punished.

In the case of Mr Mwila, his being summoned has only helped to strengthen accusations that the fight against corruption is directed at one section of society.

This has led to cries of persecution and intimidation by those targeted against the new dawn administration and the investigative wings.

For as Mr Kabimba pointed out, police cannot question Mr Mwila about the source of campaign funds the PF used without asking the UPND Secretary-General Mr Batuke Imenda about who contributed to their campaign chest.

Indeed, they could have extended this line of investigation to all political parties that took part in the elections.

Mr Kabimba said it was hypocritical for the UPND to start asking for the source of motor vehicles when they themselves were recipients of property during the campaigns.

“I don’t want to talk on behalf of the PF but I want to challenge the police to extend this summon to the ruling party so that they can disclose the source of the money they used to charter helicopters,” he said.

It must be pointed out that successive governments have failed to pass any law that would entail political parties to disclose any financial contributions they receive.

And in the absence of such a legal requirement, the country is actually vulnerable to being taken over by proxy from foreign donors sponsoring a local political party.

The new dawn administration cannot deny that the so-called fight against corruption has turned into a circus with the investigative wings not sure of what they are investigating. 

No one is for corruption but if it is to be fought, including political funding, let it be transparent for all are guilty on this score.


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