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‘Stop detaining people maliciously’


The police need to do things according to the prescribed law and stop detaining people maliciously without proof or evidence, Chief Kaputa has said.

Chief Kaputa said there was too much unprofessionalism among law enforcers who had time and again detained people without evidence.

He said there was need to emulate their European counterparts who were very professional when dealing with such matters.

“Tables turn and the people in power today may find themselves vulnerable one day and depending on the treatment they gave their counterparts, they might find themselves in the same predicament,” he said. 

Chief Kaputa said there was need for law enforcement officers to adhere to guidelines when conducting their raids on former ministers and those close to President Edgar Lungu.

Chief Kaputa said that there was need to let the investigative wings do their job and if people were innocent then justice would prevail. 

He however said it was wrong for the police and other investigative wings to take matters in their own hands and victimise people.

“For me I do not have a problem with the investigative wings searching certain individuals as long as they were in the confines of the law. MY problem was that they were crossing boundaries,” he said.

He said if there were suspicions of wrong doing they should be investigated and cleared but that none of the people that have been investigated had been arrested.

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