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MINISTER SLAMS INEPT OFFICIALS – there is need for an overhaul in the ministry, says Sylvia Masebo


There is need to conduct a complete overhaul in the Ministry of Health in order to curtail the high rate of corruption, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has said.

Ms Masebo said in an interview that the ministry was marred with a number of issues because of the high number of  corruption cases.

She said even the President had  noted that some senior civil servants were not working according  to procedure and that they had   negative mindsets.

“If you heard the President, he said despite putting in new PS’s, these people’s mindsets have not changed and they still have the same attitude as the previous government,” she said.

She said that most workers in the ministry were complacent and did not put in their level best and even boasted that politicians would find them.

 “There is need for a complete overhaul in the ministry which has a number of issues like people scamming individuals who are paying hefty amounts of money in a bid to get a job,” she said.

Ms Masebo also said that she was reviewing the situation and would take  necessary actions to ensure that sanity was restored.

She said that the ministry of Health needed to be proactive, most especially that they would start the recruitment process.

 She also clarified that the ministry would advertise when the recruitment process would begin.

Ms Masebo said people did not need to panic because there will be no underhand methods in the process as it is going to be straightforward.

“One thing I can assure the public is that I will not allow any corruption in the process and every qualified Zambian needs to be at ease because their time would come,” she said. 

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