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Expect nothing, warns Mutale


FOOTBALL administrator Damiano Mutale has warned Zambians not to expect nothing from the newly appointed Chipolopolo coach Aljosa Asanovic who has been given a four-year performance-based contract.

Mutale said Asanović is the worst among the average coaches the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive committee led by President Andrew Kamanga have recruited.

In an interview, Mutale said Asanovic has no proper CV to deserve the Chipolopolo top job at the time the football fraternity is bleeding due to dwindling soccer standards in the country.

“He is actually the worst among the bad coaches Kamanga has recruited under his reign. He has no proper CV to talk about. Ask Kamanga, what achievement Asanović has attained for him to be given that job and he has nothing to point at,” Mutale said.

He said there is need for FAZ councillors, fans, and other stakeholders to wake up and realise that Zambian football is going nowhere under the current FAZ leadership.

Mutale said as long Kamanga remains at the helm of FAZ, Zambians will be subjected to mediocrity by only participating in COSAFA tournaments while countries like Malawi, Comoros, Gambia are making a statement on the continent.

“Zambia is bleeding because we have missed three AFCON tournaments on the trot. It doesn’t bother Kamanga because he is enjoying. While we are feeling the pinch for watching other teams at AFCON without Zambia, he is at the AFCON. While we are crying, he has decided to recruit a coach who is a nobody, not just for a short period, but for four years! What an insult,” Mutale complained.

He said Government should come in and deal with Asanović’s contract before it is too late. 

Meanwhile, Mutale said he is shocked that some former FAZ officials have now changed goalposts and are praising the current administration as having performed and wondered what performance they are talking about. 

“Not long ago, Ponga Liwewe was praising FAZ but this is the same person who resigned from the same association as he could not fit in with the operations of some people at FAZ. 

“Former FAZ president Teddy Mulonga was also defending them not long ago but what is it that these people have seen in FAZ which Zambians are not seeing? 

Mutale said FAZ has failed and the only honourable thing to do is to resign so that other people can take it up.

Mutale also noted that due to a weak FAZ administration, the local league is also suffering. 

He wondered why clubs were forced to play in the rainy season when the stadiums are not in good conditions to host games.

Mutale said that players are at risk of getting career threatening injuries because of being forced to play under risky environments. 

He alleged that fans are no longer enjoying the games because in some instances, matches are played on flooded pitches.

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