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Home Affairs minister censures Police Officers in Livingstone


DO due diligence when dealing with of the public, Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu has urged Zambia Police Officers in Livingstone.

And Mr Mwiimbu has also encouraged the Department of Immigration to be prudent in the way it manages immigration issues.

Mr Mwiimbu said in the past government, a lot of police officers in the tourist capital did a lot of wrong things but that the new dawn administration has forgotten about it.

He said this when he addressed senior police officers and others    from the Department of Immigration, Department of National Registration Cards and Passports, Correctional Facility Officers and officers from the  Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) at Livingstone Central Police Station.  Mr Mwiimbu said that each time he visited the Livingstone Central Police, it brought him memories of the past happenings involving members of the now ruling party who include  President Hakainde Hichilema, Garry Nkombo, late Request Muntanga, Ackson Sejani and many other senior party officials who were arrested and detained during the 2013 Livingstone Constituency by-election.

“I know that a lot of police officers here (Livingstone) did a lot of wrong things during the past government but, the new dawn government will concentrate on the future. We have forgotten about the past,” Mr Mwiimbu said.

The minister said that the new administration will not allow the abuse or brutalization of police officers or any officers under his ministry.

Mr Mwiimbu said that his ministry will defend and support its officers adding that government will endeavour to address the challenges the officers are faced with.

And Mr Mwiimbu has encouraged the Department of Immigration to be prudent in the way it manages immigration issues.

He said that the department is the face of the country to the outsiders and that officers should be humane in the way they manage the affairs of the country.

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