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Kalumbila Minerals commences tree planting exercise


AS part of its rehabilitation programme, Kalumbila Minerals Limited (KML) has commenced the planting of trees in mine dump areas.

The exercise is being spearheaded by the mine’s Environmental Department. 

During the launch of the tree planting exercise, KML Environmental Manager Kachiwala Sapalo said the reforestation programme in the mine area is meant to transform the area’s landscape to retain the original vegetation of the area. 

He said the exercise will also help in improving water quality in the area.

“The plan is to turn this place into a tourism site. We will have a series of mountains and a lake in the middle, which is currently the Sentinel Pit,” said Mr Sapalo.

He said the entire exercise will take about 15 years to be completed.

He disclosed that so far, the mining firm has rehabilitated about three hectares of land and aims to cover a further five hectares in 2022 by planting at least 50,000 tree seedlings this wet season within the mine and surrounding areas. 

And Mining Operations Manager Rees Magrath said KML is committed to taking care of the environment and it will ensure that the mining area is restored to its original form. 

“We will not just pack up and leave this area after causing so many changes by our mining activities, and that is why we have chosen the responsible way of either leaving this place as we found it or improving on what we found,” he said.  

The tree planting season takes place every year from December 15th to January 31st.

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