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IF the crusade against corruption which the UPND government has embarked on is genuine, it should not be selective, the Patriotic Front in North western province has said.

PF provincial chairperson Enoch Kapalu in an interview wondered thatwhy politicians are the only ones who are being targeted leaving controlling officers and directors who do the controlling work in ministries and spending agencies.

Mr Kapalu said according to the government operational system, a minister does not authorise any payment but technocrats.

“Those are some of the issues we are trying to raise because I have never heard of any permanent secretary being arrested yet these are the people who control these ministries,” said Mr Kapalu.

His comment follows the recent arrest of Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo.

Mr Kapalu however said the purported fight against corruption is meant to divert people’s attention from the wrongs the new dawn government is doing.

He wondered why on his day of arrest (Lusambo ) it was reported that the Kabushi lawmaker had 49 properties but that the following day, the statement changed to only four houses.

“Now, a person has been a minister for five years, you mean he cannot build four houses in five years?  He asked.

He disclosed that in most cases once someone is appointed to such a position, banks come to offer loans.

He said his party supports the fight against corruption but not the manner in which it is being done.

He said government should now concentrate on delivering its promises and not fighting political opponents.

He said people are interested in seeing the cost of living going down by reducing commodity prices which are currently high.

He said the UPND whilst in opposition promised Zambians reduced prices of mealie meal, fuel, fertilizer among other things.

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