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Dear Editor,
ZAMBIANS should brace themselves for more malicious cases of corruption targeted at PF officials and those who were perceived to be PF aligned by the Anti-Corruption Commission on behalf of the UPND government to satisfy the IMF conditions.

It is disheartening to see ACC officers jumping from one PF official to the next when directors of private companies are busy stealing from government through tenderpreneurship and other forms of corruption by bribing procurement officers to short change the procurement processes in favour of their companies.

Actually, what was lost through the participation of PF officials was nothing, more money was stolen by private companies working with government procurement officers. If a company that sell tyres can steal that kind of money as reported to ACC which report is gathering dust, what more other companies that were supplying high valued goods and services?

Today the Hichilema administration can celebrate the obtaining of a loan from IMF and the eventual harassment of their obvious opponents the PF but this will have a long devastating effects on the perception of investors the world over on the Zambians.

Let us have love for our country not only commercial interests for our friends in the business circles.

What we are seeing is not inspiring. It’s too early for the new government to destroy institutions of integrity such as DEC, ACC and the judiciary just to please IMF.
Let me also advise Mr Jack Mwiimbu, the minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security and the Inspector General of Police, Mr Lemmy Kajoba to put in check the conduct of their officers.

Professionalism has gone with the PF, now imagine how people complained about the lack of professionalism by the police under PF, but today after comparing the conduct of police between the two regimes the PF and the UPND, the same people think that under PF the police acted professionally. What a change.

The Inspector General should reorganise Emmasdale police, too much corruption there. PF listened to me, listen to me ba UPND. I see a lot of things.

As for ACC, revisit the reported case of corruption by the directors of that tyre supplier, I’m watching you.
Lusaka/ Chama.


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