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Watch over your ministers, HH told


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema should keep an eye on his ministers to prevent them from engaging in corruption instead of accusing the PF of training them to steal, says party acting president Given Lubinda. 

Addressing the media at the party secretariat in Lusaka, yesterday, the former Justice Minister also said the PF has indisputable evidence showing that Zambia Revenue Authority, National Pensions Authority, Workman’s Compensation Control Board and other tax agents of the state have been triggered into action to investigate the compliance levels of the Law firms defending the party.

“We are reliably informed by PF members within the system that the new dawn government is now targeting lawyers and law firms that have been defending PF members on the list of targeted victims,’ he said.  

He also said the former ruling party is aware that the government is doing all it can to decimate the PF because they cannot stand the pressure from the opposition of being reminded of their campaign promises by  the people of Zambia.

Mr Lubinda said President Hichilema should not only concentrate on historic corruption but also extend the graft fight to the individuals serving in his government. 

“We are disappointed that even after several leadership workshops where President Hichilema was sensitising his ministers and Permanent Secretaries, there are still weak angels in his government,” he said.

He also challenged Mr Hichilema to institute investigations into the $50 million  fertiliser supply deal to Southern Province.

He said the deal should be investigated considering that it was not only acquired at a colossal cost of $1,407 per tonne but also because of the complaints that the consignment is caked and underweight.

Mr Lubinda said the former ruling party is concerned that the Ministers in the new dawn government who were highly rated by Mr Hichilema when he was appointing them have now being considered common criminals who are being taught the art of stealing by a clique.

The PF also revealed that it had information that government wanted to sell Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) back to Vadanta, against the wishes of Zambians.


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