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Establish disability desks in all institutions, NGOs urged


NON-governmental organisations have been urged to establish disability desks in their various institutions.

Zambia Union for all Persons with Disabilities (ZUPD)  has appealed   says it has observed that nearly all the NGOs have clear representation of persons with disabilities in their work places.

Union president Pascal Mulenga has said that this is despite the NGOs speaking and helping persons with disabilities in various communities.

Mr Mulenga said government has created a condusive environment and open door policy for cooperating partners to operate well.

“We have been doing a lot of research on how NGOs have been working in Zambia. They have been doing enough but we have noticed that a lot of them are into giving the disabled food and clothes. However, we have discovered that these NGOs do not have disability desks in their national executive places.

“Let them establish disability desks in their respective workplaces to look at the welfare of persons with disabilities on  a broader range,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said that this also goes to church mother bodies.

He said that this is what the statutory instrument of 2012 requires, that disabled persons must be recognized by everyone.

Mr Mulenga said that if that is not done, then it means that the country is not using inclusive policy. He said that the government has already shown willingness in recognizing persons with disabilities as witnessed by some pronouncements which have been made so far

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