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GOVERNMENT is disappointed with failure by the youth beneficiaries of the Higher buses empowerment program to meet the K50 000 monthly payment to the Ministry of Youths, Sports and Arts as agreed.

The youths who were empowered with the buses alleged that they have difficulties to pay the ministry because the engines of the buses were faulty making them to spend more money on repair works.

But Permanent Secretary, Dr John Phiri said the youth were not only being untruthful but also unfair to the government.

Dr. Phiri told the Daily Nation that the youth were not being truthful because they have continued to operate despite having been directed to park the buses which means the buses are in good condition.

“How do you explain a situation where somebody gets a bus and you are told to cash in about K50, 000 monthly but they are failing to meet that amount,” Dr Phiri said.

“Ever since they started they have just cashed in K2, 500 for seven months, surely is that the way to proceed. It’s not fair to government,” he said.

He maintained that the buses be brought back to the ministry and be parked.
Dr. Phiri said the ministry finds no truth in the complaint brought forward by the youths because despite the buses giving them problems they have continued to use them.
“If they have a problem why not bring them and park. Let them bring the vehicles but park them but they have not parked them which means they are benefitting,” he said.

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