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DOMESTIC human trafficking cases are high compared to international trafficking and needs urgent attention, Zambia Association of Sisterhood coordinator Kayula Lesa has said.

Speaking in an interview during a workshop on Human Trafficking, Sister Lesa said that according to a recent United States report on Human trafficking, in Zambia there are widespread cases of domestic human trafficking compared to international trafficking.

She said that most people are ignorant about domestic trafficking where a person is taken to a different place but when they reach they are exploited .

Sister Lesa explained that the most affected in domestic trafficking are children and women in most cases.
Sister Kayula observed that the media in most cases only highlight external cases mostly cross border cases ignoring domestic trafficking.
She also called for the need to train more law enforcement officers on how to deal with Human Trafficking so that they are able to handle cases professionally.
And Sister Astrida Banda said that the issue of Human Trafficking should not be addressed by government but different stakeholders and organisations.

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