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DEMOCRATIC Congress national secretary Evans Chilambwe has retaliated that Harry Kalaba was never elected as party president but merely invited to contest the August 12 elections on the party’s ticket.

Mr Chilambwe in his application for joinder as third plaintiff to the matter where DP vice president Judith Kabemba and party national treasurer, Justine Nkonge in their claim, want Mr Kalaba to stop holding himself as party president stated that he was one of the founding members of the party.
“That joining me to the proceedings hereof will bring finality to the proceedings hereof and will help this honourable court to resolve all matters pertinent to the issues hereof,” he stated.

He stated that the DP constitution in article 21 provides for the National Executive Committee comprising the office bearers who are subjected to elections every five years.
Mr Chilambwe also stated that attempts by Mr Kalaba and his cohorts to introduce new documents at the Registrar of societies have been rejected.

He stated that Mr Kalaba and his followers suffer from want of authority.
About two weeks ago, Mr Kalaba countersued his accusers within the party claiming US$20, 000, 000 for defamation.
In his defence and counterclaim, Mr Kalaba is demanding the said amount for libel from the plaintiffs for alleging he is working against the interest of the Zambian public by bringing back brutality and murder of innocent people such as State prosecutor Nsama Nsama and other youths who lost their lives during the reign of the PF government.

He stated that the words in their ordinary meaning meant that he was a common criminal who wants to benefit from proceeds of crime by working with other criminals who stole money from the coffers of the nation. He stated that he was one man who always endeavours’ to live an honest life.

Mr Kalaba is seeking general damages for defamation and damages for mental stress and inconvenience.
Meanwhile, Ms Kabemba through the party’s advocates L M Chambers has threatened to commence contempt proceedings against Mr Kalaba if he continues to present himself as the party president at Media interviews or in other settings.

The letter dated November 15, 2021 addressed to Mr Kalaba’s lawyers Charles Siamutwa Legal Practitioners stated that it was contemptuous of Mr Kalaba to keep addressing himself as president of the party when the matter is in court.
The party has since written to media houses to stop addressing Mr Kalaba as DP president.

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