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THE Provincial Administration in Southern Province has cautioned agreived party members over the appointment of district commissioners not to inconvenience citizens by engaging in demonstrations against those appointed.
In Southern Province, some UPND party officials have protested the appointment of certain individuals as district commissioners in Monze, Siavonga and Livingstone .

But Cornelius Mweetwa, the Provincial Minister has charged that much as it is any individual’s right to demonstrate, that must not be encouraged.
“To the issue of rumoured demonstration by supporters of the UPND, well, we are a government that promotes freedom of expression and freedom of speech and these are constitutional guarantees and therefore, we do not tie people that are expressing their views except that as provincial administration we are quick to take note that the appointments of district commissioners arise out of Presidential discretion,” he said

“Therefore, we would like to urge our genuine supporters to support the President. There is and will always be channels of amicable communication where some people feel aggrieved.
Well, a demonstration is a democratic option but there is a better way if a matter is intra-party such as this one,” Mr Mweetwa said.

“We do not see the rationale of having to inconvenience ordinary members of the public by demonstrating for which they may not have a vested interest. So, we do expect that if there are such intentions, those having such intentions could get to the relevant offices to try and communicate and be responded too,” the provincial minister said.
“We are urging them to desist from disrupting public order for the sake of resolving internal matters within the party and within a government.

Mr Mweetwa said that channels are abundant and he is hopeful aggrieved members can communicate to one another without engaging in demonstrations.

He said that as far as he is concerned there can only be one district commissioner at a time.
“I have seen commentaries on nearly all district commissioners across the country but it is expected to have preferences when it comes to such appointments. That is only normal even when you’re being adopted as a councillor, mayor, member of parliament, we all received all approval and we were vetted socially,” he said.

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