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Zambian market overwhelms Nissan brand


THE Zambian market has overwhelmed Imperial Motors Zambia Limited with the demand for the Nissan brand, forcing it to introduce a new model while bracing for an influx of electric vehicles in all its markets.

The local market has shown its confidence in this brand  as can be seen from the way  the all-new Nissan Navara launched in October last year was sold,  according to the Imperial Motors Sales and Marketing Manager, Cornelius Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga indicated that all the orders for the all new Nissan Navara were sold out.

This, he said, had forced Imperial Motors to launch a Single Pickup Cab up truck to meet the demand for the brand.

“Ever since we launched the double cab it has received overwhelming response from the Zambian market. It is for this reason that we decided to add on our single Cab on the market.

“People have confidence in us as can be seen from the way they bought all the orders of the recently launched double cab” Mr Mulenga said yesterday in Lusaka during the launch of the new vehicle.

He stated that newly launched  Single Cab pickup represented a significant segment in the Zambian market saying:  “We are confident that the Navara single cab will have a great impact on the segment.”

At the same function, Imperial  Motors Zambia Limited  Chairman, Tim Jaques, said the brand was aware that there would be a gradual introduction of electric vehicles in any markets.

“There will be a very gradual introduction of electric vehicles in any market. Nissan is not new to this market as it has manufactured some before.

“In Africa, there is absolutely no doubt that electric vehicles are coming. As battery technology develops, more will be done  the time will come that electric vehicles will take over. So it is really just a question of time,” Mr Jaques said.

On the Single Cab pickup, Mr Jaques said the dealers had already stocked up with spare parts.

He emphasised that the Zambian market was ready for the pickup.

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