Communities need mine shares – Madzimawe


COMMUNITIES should have shares in the mines in their localities to drive the benefits from the various minerals being mined across the country, Chief Madzimawe has said.

Chief Madzimawe also urged traditional leaders to take a leading role in ensuring that their subjects partner with the investors coming to undertake mining activities.

He said in an interview that having communities as shareholders in the mines would prevent investors from ripping off the people and ultimately ensure development.

Chief Madzimawe said the community and investors should come up with an agreement that both parties would be able to respect and should be centred on reinvestment and environmental protection.

He said it’s sad that communities where mining activities are taking place lack social amenities such as schools, health facilities, good roads and proper sanitation.

‘’The communities should begin to engage these companies, they should be able to decide how they want to benefit from the resources. They should be able to sit on a round table and agree,’’ he said. 

Chief Madzimawe urged such groups to take advantage of the government pronouncement to form cooperatives in order to benefit from the mining activities.

He said people in areas where mining activities are taking place could only benefit when they come together and form cooperatives instead of fighting each other.

‘’We need these cooperatives to form partnerships with these companies with resources. In so doing, we  can begin to realise the benefits,’’ he said. 

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