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UPND cadre may be cited for contempt – lawyer

A UPND member, Matomola Likwanya, must cited for contempt of court for allegedly publishing malicious comments in relation to an active court case,   Lusaka-based lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube has said.

Mr Ngulube also said it is a serious offence for anyone to issue unsubstantiated allegations about a case before the courts of law.

Mr Likwanya, in his facebook post said the immunity of former Republican President Edgar Lungu must be removed and be subjected to prosecution now that it has been revealed that a gun which shot Mr Lawrence Banda came from State House.

 He allegedly claimed that the evidence is now in public domain that Presidnet Lungu was involved in the alleged killing of Mr Banda.

But Mr Ngulube, who is former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament said the court must act on this matter with the seriousness it deserves.

In an interview yesterday, he said no one is above the law, therefore, the UPND member must face the wrath of the law.

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Mr Ngulube said “There is nothing like being ignorant of the law, this UPND member has interfered with the matter before the courts of law and law must visit him.”

And Mr Ngulube said it is important that the court also joins the said UPND member in the matter so that he can produce evidence.

He said for an individual to engage in such a serious matter shows that he has evidence which must be taken before the courts of law.

“We know that they want to link the former Head of State to this matter. State House is an institution and a lot of people operate from there.

Who says that if President Lungu was at State House then he shot Mr Banda?

“Moreover President Lungu was not the head of security at State House. So this man should not go scotfree, he must face the law like any other person regardless of the political affiliation,” Mr Ngulube said.

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