High suicide cases in country worrying

Dear Editor,

THE country has in the recent past witnessed a surge in suicide cases. The scenario is a sad development considering that some of the people who have taken their lives through suicide are youths.

Before delving into the subject, suicide can be defined as the act of killing yourself intentionally. This occurs when the person fails to come to terms with a challenging situation.

The reasons compelling some people to commit suicide are many and varied. It can be marital conflict, depression, financial pressure, failing an examination, disappointment in a relationship, dismissal from employment, failure to find employment, to mention but a few.

What is certain is that we are bound to face some challenges in life as long as we live. Having said that, it is worth noting that people should accept disappointments and other challenges they might face.

It is sad that some pupils who failed last year’s Grade 12 examinations committed suicide for failing to cope with flunking an examination. Worse still, some of the pupils who failed the examinations were in most cases verbally abused by their guardians and parents.

However, it is imperative to open up by sharing the problems you might be going through in life. On the other hand, let us provide counsel to our brothers and sisters who share their problems with us. This is the surest way to reduce the problem of suicide cases.

Barely a few days ago, Ms Felistus Banda aged 27, an artiste committed suicide by drinking a pesticide at her home in Lusaka’s Chilenje Township. It was alleged that she was sexually harassed prior to her death.

If though this was not enough, a Kafue- based prophet named Edgar Simanwe committed suicide in unclear circumstances. He was an Apostle at Nations for Ministry. He committed suicide by taking a poisonous substance.

The increased suicide cases in Zambia is worrying and there is need to find a lasting solution through prayers. People facing some life challenges should open up rather than keeping quiet.



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