HH continued stay at Community House costly and shocking

Dear Editor,

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema was declared winner of the presidential election on August 16, 2021. This follows the general election which was held on August 12, 2021 which saw the incumbent, President Edgar Lungu losing the presidency.

Despite Mr. Hichilema assuming the republican presidency, he has continued to stay at his private residence otherwise known as Community House in Lusaka’s New Kasama area instead of Nkwazi House.

New Kasama is located in Lusaka East and is more than 10 kilometres from Nkwazi House.

President Hichilema travels every day from New Kasama to the State House to execute his official duties. This is not only a costly venture but also shocking. There is so much fuel being consumed during the presidential convoy as the head of State travels from New Kasama to Nkwazi House and vice versa.

As though this was not enough, motorists are inconvenienced whenever he is travelling.

What is shocking about President Hichilema’s continued stay at his New Kasama home is that the head of State is by law supposed to live in Nkwazi House.

The head of State is an institution which is guided by the constitution, the supreme law of the country. As such, President Hichilema is mandated by law to reside in Nkwazi House and not in his private house.

Anthony Bwalya, the presidential spokesperson recently featured on 5FM’s “The Burning Issue” programme.  During the programme, Mr. Bwalya defended the head of State by stating that it is cheaper for the latter to live in his own house than spend huge sums of money on renovating Nkwazi House.

Mr. Bwalya also stated that the funds meant for rehabilitation of Nkwazi House were channeled to needy areas.

It is a known fact that Nkwazi House has to be rehabilitated before the newly elected President shifts into it. But, the renovation cannot take more than six months.

It is high time President Hichilema shifted to Nkwazi House to save costs and stop inconveniencing motorists whenever the presidential convoy is passing.



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