Why CK-HH alliance is heading for the rocks

Dear Editor,
THE antagonistic and failed approach of five-time losing Presidential candidate Hakainde Sammy Hichilema should not be the order of the day. Although, HH formed an alliance with CK to unseat PF, this is becoming impossible owing to their misunderstanding on the pertinent economic policies of the ruling PF.
The manifesto-less UPND and its failed leader have no defined terms on how the mining sector ought to be managed save to see failure and economic hardships landing in Zambia.
As we have stated in the past, the mining sector is the politically active powerhouse of the economy and UPND desperately need the mining population. They are itching to see the cold blood between the mining population and the PF.
We wish to commend the decision by NDC unelected party president Chishimba Kambwili to rally behind the government on its pro-poor stance in the Mopani case.
As an economist who is acclaimed to command respect on the international market, Mr Hichilema is expected to for a minute educate his followers on some of the economic benefits which the nation will benefit from the firm position of the government to protect jobs.
Contradictory positions between CK and HH suggest that the political shutting down for the opposition is slowly catching up. There is no point of understanding beside their undying desire to see the downfall of the economy and possibly to incite the nation to rise.
Apart from the Mopani issue, CK and HH have shown diverse views on various matters. An example is the contemptuous views against Paramount Chitimukulu of the Bemba-speaking people by James Lukuku, an apparent spokesman for Hichilema. Clearly, Mr Kambwili did not agree with Mr Hichilema.
Another point of disagreement on the flag bearer for the alliance. None of the two has agreed to forego their ambitions for the sake of the other.
Another point of disagreement, is the parliamentary position on bill 10. While a cross section of UPND MPs have begotten the constitution-making process, the NDC sole MP Joseph Chishala has supported the process.
For now, I urge Mr Hichilema to forego his fruitless efforts of wrestling power from the government that has defended the interests of Zambians even at the darkest hour.
Youth Rights Activist,


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