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Dear Editor,

AFRICA’S tourism sector saw some relatively huge financial and asset related losses in both 2020 and part of 2021 all because of the ongoing global pandemic which has aggressively shut down most of the creative aspects within the tourism sector.

A return to normal is still seemingly setting on some way off the tag of balance, but plans still remain quite optimistic on the policymaker’s tables and with the industry players.

Most African countries are starting to address the situation as they present their plans for sector recovery models with aims to revitalising of the economic processes for the overall hospitality industry.

It is assumed that greater investment in both domestic and regional tourism will be a big driver, key as it will help out based on the proposed African Continental Free Trade Area, which will bring tariff free trade to most commodities and goods across the board.

This will also bring to the fore some critical ingredients and economic benefits on tourism formulation strategies especially after the post-Covid period.

This sector is anticipated to make a special case scenario in triggering a huge quantum of an economic boom which will lie in tandem with high demand for trade and commerce.

It is very much anticipated that improved models and mechanism of connectivity through the use of improved scales of ICT, as well as more set of standardised travel protocols will be very essential elements in boosting both regional travel and trade integrations within many different regions.

Finally, it is worth noting that the African story has always remained such a beautiful frame of successful key pointers for the world’s developmental and economic path line yet uninspiring reflection comes up from there due to many untapped opportunities with the efforts of indigenous Africans across many regions.


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