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Mwimbu graces ‘cancelled’ Youth Day in Monze


CANCELLATIONS of the 2022 youth day commemoration has exposed Government communication lapses after  Minister of Home Affairs And Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu went ahead to graced the cancelled event in Monze yesterday.

Earlier, Government announced the cancellation of  the activities at the Freedom statue in Lusaka where participants had already gathered

All activities were cancelled to mark Youth Day commemorations countrywide in honour of the late Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda.

But despite the directive to cancel all celebrations, Monze went ahead with the celebration and the Member of Parliament Mwiimbu officiated at the celebrations.

And Mr Mwiimbu said that the information about the cancellation celebrations did not reach him on time that was the reason he went ahead to officiate.

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He said this at a local radio station suggesting that the message about the cancellation was not communicated on time.

But Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo said the lack of proper coordination in the communication system in the UPND administration has not only embarrassed the party but the nation at large.

Mr Tembo said that what transpired in Monze was an insult to the fourth republican president, especially that the directive to suspend the celebration came from the government.

He said that government should have announced the cancellation of the youth day commemorations on Friday last week when the death of the former President was made known rather than waiting for people to gather and stop them from proceeding abruptly.

Mr Tembo said that the late cancellation of the Youth Day celebrations showed that the government wanted to go on with the celebrations because if that was not the case they would have cancelled the celebrations the day they made the announcement of the death of the former president.

He said that the UPND government should put their house in order before they do something that could be catastrophic to the nation.

“They need to organise themselves properly,” Mr Tembo said.

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