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…as republican president is never involved in procurement


STOP the nonsense of dragging former President Edgar Lungu’s name in irreverent issues which have nothing to do with his responsibility while he was in office, Zambian Republican Party (ZRP) leader, Wright Musoma, has said. 

Responding to allegations that the former President was involved in procurement scheme,  Mr Musoma said the claim was a calculated move by his enemies aimed at denting his name in the eyes of Zambians and the international community.

Mr Musoma said his party was aware of people who hadbeen hired to dent the name of President Lungu but that this was not right as it will negatively affect the image of the country.

He said people should stop dragging the name of President Lungu in useless issues just because people were looking for favours from the current government.

Mr Musoma said President Lungu has done a lot for the country and therefore deserved respect and not the humiliation he was being subjected to through such baseless alllegations.

“As a country, we need to be civilised by emulating other countries like the USA where former presidents are accorded the respect they deserved regardless of the wrongs they committed while in office,” he said.

He wondered why Mr Lungu was today being mentioned in issues to do with procurement when he was never a procurement officer in purchases.

Mr Musoma said those insulting and dragging the former president should stop as this was placing the name of the country in bad standing in the eyes of the international community.

“Even in Zimbabwe, when late President Robert Mugabe was removed from power, despite the many wrongs he did, we didn’t hear the citizens insulting him because they appreciated his contribution,” he said.


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