Pay back, ministers told


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should urge his ministers to pay back money for staying in office illegally when parliament was dissolved, the UPND has said.
UPND Secretary-General, Stephen Katuka, said President Lungu’s desire to concentrate on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s involvement in privatisation 30 years ago lacked seriousness.
He challenged all the ministers to subject themselves to lifestyle audits, than concentrating on one individual (Mr Hichilema).
In a statement, Mr Katuka said the Head of State should not concentrate on Mr Hichilema who had never been in Government.
“President Lungu should tell his ministers who stayed in office illegally to pay back,” Mr Katuka said.
“Considering Government spokesperson Dora Siliya’s statement
that Government will spend time to study and investigate the privatisation allegations, it is now clear that President Edgar Lungu is scared of facing HH in a free and fair election,” he said.
Mr Katuka warned that UPND was ready to teach the ruling party a political lesson with Mr Hichilema as their presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections.


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