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Church, traditional leaders’ silence hypocritical – Musoma


THE silence by church mother bodies, non-governmental organisations and traditional leaders over the wrong things that are going on in the country is shocking and hypocritical, Zambia Republican Party president Wright Musoma has said.

Mr Musoma said the silence of these crucial stakeholders in the governance over breakdown of democracy would destroy the country.

He said it was strange why these groups that were vocal in promoting democracy and upholding the rule of law in the previous government had finally gone quiet all of a sudden.

“Maybe it’s out of fear,” he said.

Mr Musona said the UPND administration had taken the law into their own hands in the way they were handling things and if no one stood up to them, the country would be destroyed.

He said the country does not belong to the UPND, they were just given a mandate to preside over the people who were the true owners of powers.

Mr Musoma said that the selective arrest of people who speak out on things that were affecting the people was becoming unbearable.

He said the country could not afford to sing praises of President Hakainde Hichilema when things were not going in the right direction.

Mr Musoma said that the Economic and Equity Party (EEF) president Chilufya Tayali might have a case but the timing of his arrest raises questions.

He said there was no way the police could arrest someone  a few hours after he held a press briefing where he boldly spoke out on wrong things the UPND administration were doing.

Mr Musoma said Mr Tayali was not just arrested but the police were denying people access to him which was very wrong.

He said that it was high time these key stakeholders stood out with boldness and spoke out because the people they represent were suffering.

“We are disappointed with them,” he said.

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