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Mweetwa defends Kagame visit


SOUTHERN Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa says those criticising the hosting of Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Livingstone instead of State House are just politicking.

Mr Mweetwa has said President Kagame’s visit has put the country’s tourism sector on the international market.

Mr Mweetwa said coming from the Covid-19 era, the country needed such a visit as it was learning to manage its own economy just like Rwanda was.

“As a province, we are elated that government chose Southern Province and Livingstone in particular to host Rwandan President Paul Kagame,” he said.

He said it was prudent for government to have chosen Livingstone as a destination.

“This visit was premised on giving a signal that tourism in Livingstone is back to normal. We are therefore asking citizens to dismiss those making such negative statements,” he said

Mr Mweetwa also pointed out that since the UPND government took over leadership of the country, President Hakainde Hichilema has managed to save the tax payers’ money noting that no extravagant expenditure has been observed.

He called on Zambians not to allow the hang over political parties to hoodwink them by making false statements against the ruling party.

Meanwhile, Mr Mweetwa who is also UPND spokesperson has said the government has no control over the price of fuel.

He said that the price of fuel were being controlled by the international market.

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