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...as family is outraged over the act

THE family of President Edgar Lungu’s friend, Suzyo Nyika, whose remains have been exhumed, are outraged by police action and have described it as opening of fresh wounds.

The police in Lundazi yesterday exhumed the remains of, Mr. Nyika, a close associate of Mr Lungu, who died last year.

Mr Nyika died in Lundazi where his remains were buried but police suspected that he was still alive and his death was just used as a diversion as he was suspected to be living in South Africa.

Others believed that dollars may have been buried in the grave purportedly to be his.

A close family member told the Daily Nation that the exhumation of the body was done in the morning yesterday by police officers and combined team of law investigative agencies.

The source said contrary to assertions, no dollars were found in the coffin or graveyard.

The source also said a pathologist took samples from the body which will be used to conduct a DNA test to establish if Mr. Nyika is indeed the one buried there.

The source said the alleged body of Mr Nyika was found with no dollars as was alleged which has caused so much grief to the family who saw their relative die in his parents’ home in Lundazi.

He said that the exhumation was done in the presence of his family members who included the widow, mother and others at the farm where he is said to have been buried.

‘’You know it’s very sad for his mother because what has happened has just opened fresh wounds for the family.  The mother has been crying throughout because they buried her son (Nyika) at their farm in Lundazi only for them to have him exhumed in that manner,’’ the source said.

“The police found his body (Nyika) but the pathologist took samples from the body contrary to what people were saying that they buried dollars,’’ the source said.

However, it is not clear whether the body was airfreighted to Lusaka or reburied.

He said there was a combined team of joint investigative wings who dug up the grave at the farm before airlifting it.

“Yes I can confirm that indeed a combined team of officers exhumed the body of Mr Nyika ,” he said.

And Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed that the body had been exhumed but said that he would give details once the whole process was concluded.

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