‘UPND use of global crisis as excuse for failure is shameful’


IT is shameful that the UPND administration wants to use the global crisis as an excuse for their failure to revive the economy as promised, New Congress Party leader, Peter Chanda, has said.

Pastor Chanda said it was shameful that the UPND which while in opposition refused to accept that the country’s economy could be affected by the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, would want to vindicate themselves using the current global crisis.

He said in an interview that the UPND and its alliance should apologise to Zambians and the Patriotic Front for having politicised the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s economy.

Pastor Chanda said it was laughable that the UPND are now busy using the current global crisis to justify their failure to fix the economy when not long ago they refused to accept that Zambia being part of the global village was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The UPND should apologise to the country by confirming that Zambia is part of the global village which they never accepted when in opposition.

“They said the country was not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but that the PF was using it as a way to lobby for money for election campaigns,” he said.

Pastor Chanda said the UPND should swallow its pride and learn from the PF regime that cushioned the high cost of living by subsiding fuel despite the effects of the pandemic on the global economy.

He said the PF regime ensured that they waived the customs duty and VAT on fuel which kept the fuel price the cheapest in the region.

Pastor Chanda said Zambians were buying fuel at K17 for a long time without increments of every month and that cushioned the sufferings of the people.


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