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Lusambo lawyer cites Banda, other UPND cadres for contempt


Bowman Lusambo’s defence lawyer has filed  an application citing Anderson Banda and other UPND cadres to be cited for contempt for causing confusion at the Lusaka magistrate court and disturbing court proceedings.

Makebi Zulu said what happened on May 20, 2022 was uncalled for because proceedings were going on at that time and accused the cadres of threatening to kill his client.

He said the cadres wanted to kill Lusambo and victimized his wife and others who accompanied him as they were escorted out through the magistrate’s entrance.

“The cadres said they wanted to kill Lusambo and Raphael Nakacinda who had cases in separate court rooms. We noticed that the manner in which Lusambo left court and taken to the police cells by police officers for safety was traumatizing,” he said.

He said the cadres came through with their leader who  should be cited for contempt.

“Contempt of court may be shown either by language or manner, anything done within the premises of the court lowers dignity to the court,” he said.

He said this included any words spoken in the presence of the court which obstructs or interferes with the administration of justice.

And in response, magistrate Faides Hamaundu said the court was not aware of what happened and that the court did not know if there was any interference.

“ It is your duty to report such matters and apply legal measures as provided by the court, so the defence should file a an affidavit of facts and include any complaints,” she said.

However the state wanted the court to proceed with the matter and respond later to the application as it was ready with the witnesses.

But the court said it will give the defence to avail the affidavit and the evidence of the affidavit so the court should look into the matter and see the content of the affidavit of complaint.

Magistrate has therefore set June 3, for ruling.

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