More illegal gold miners arrested, says DC

HUNDREDS of illegal miners have been arrested for illegally exploiting gold in Kasenseli and newly discovered gold areas, Government has said.
Mwinulunga District Commissioner Arnot Mapulanga confirmed to the Daily Nation yesterday, saying arrests had continued during the patrols by security officers.
Mr Mapulanga said the presence of paramilitary and police officers had enforced security in the gold areas which were being flooded by illegal miners.
He said the security wings hand ensured that law breakers were brought to book to safeguard the resource which was critical to the country’s economy.
“What is happening is that arrests are being carried out every time the patrols are conducted by security officers. The officers have always been on the ground to ensure sanity prevails. We want to ensure that all illegal miners are removed from the gold areas,” Mr Mapulanga said.
He said despite arrests, some stubborn illegal miners had remained in hiding in the gold areas.
Mr Mapulanga said it was saddening that despite the presence of security personnel, illegal miners had continued to flooding the gold areas to mine the mineral.
Mr Mapulanga said no stone would remain unturned as security officers would ensure that all illegal miners were flushed out.
He said a number of people were frequenting the areas but this would be addressed to ensure that sanity prevailed.

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