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‘UPND, PF rivalry toxic’

By Irvin Muyumbwa

The political rivalry between the Patriotic Front and ruling United Party for National Development has become too toxic for the country, Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue ZCID has noted with concern. 

ZCID Board Chairperson Highvie Hamududu  said in an interview, the relationship between the two political parties even before last year’s general election has been too personal and toxic to the country’s politics. Mr Hamududu has implored the two political parties to put their houses in order and begin to practice politics that inspire confidence among the Zambians.

“For our friends in the ruling party, we wish them well, but I think their election cerebration must not be an national agenda. They are elected to deliver service to the people. We are not interested in their celebrations because they are in charge of the nation,” he said. 

Mr Hamududu noted that the two leading political parties have heightened their competition to a very dangerous level of being personal especially by the members.

And Mr Hamududu said  any political party that is elected into government must be highly disciplined to lead by example after being entrusted with the running of the country’s affairs. He has since advised the UPND to reorganise itself by putting order and discipline  to do things differently as the country can no longer continue on a path of unproductive politics and expect development

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