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Imwe ba UNPD youths, lekeni ubupuba

Dear Editor,

THE report of the Youth Day celebrations characterised by violence in Kitwe is unacceptable in our democratic space (Daily Nation, March 13, 2023).

It is my sincere belief that political violence is perpetrated with impunity by ruling party cadres. This is because they enjoy the political insurance against arrest.

We will never accept politics of retribution and vengeance no matter the cost involved.

Youth Day is a prescribed national day and should be open to all. It is not a day for the ruling party cadres to show off their party regalia and go on violent rampage against their opponents.

The youth who want to fight, the doors are open to join boxing and the recently launched martial wresting.

As peace loving Zambians, we shall never stop condemning any form of violent behavior because there is no justification for it.

The fact that some of the cadres have just been pardoned from prison does not mean expressing their gratitude by beating the opposition party cadres.

Whenever I see ruling party cadres to take fists and machetes, just know that they have exhausted their ideological weaponry and the best way of pushing people into silence. It is a terrible mistake.

The state and its agents like the ruling party cadres who are informally commissioned, can take everything such as cars and properties, but must never attempt at grabbing the freedom of thought and expression. These are sacrosanct.

The youth who think greatness comes at the expense of making others small through punches are ideologically empty. Bally must fix them.

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ advised his disciples that the best way to greatness is just serve others. Once the followers see your leadership is not self-service, they return the service to you both in quality and quantity.



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