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THE UPND is having sleepless nights over the Patriotic Front (PF) because they know it will bounce back to power, former Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, has said.

Mr Lusambo also known as the “bulldozer”  said UPND was preoccupied with the PF because they were concerned and scared of the PF bouncing back to power.

“We are coming back, we are going to make history,” he said.

“Why is UPND and its Alliance partners preoccupied with the rebranding of the Patriotic Front and why should the rebranding of the PF be a concern of theUPND when they consider the party to be a non-factor in Zambian politics anymore,” the Kabushi member of Parliament wondered.

Mr Lusambo said it shocks him when he hears UPND officials adding their voice regarding the rebranding of PF because whether the party rebrands or not it was none of their business.

  He said the UPND were saying that PF was dead and buried immediately after the loss of the August 12 elections but now they were in the forefront checking them out whether they were still kicking or not.

 Mr Lusambo said the UPND should not draw their attention too much on what the opposition were doing because for them they have a mandate to fulfil to the people and their time was running out.

He said UPND should concentrate on governing the nation and not to focus all their energies on the PF because the Zambians would hold them accountable at the end of their five-year tenure.

Mr Lusambo said if the UPND felt PF was not a factor let them stop talking about it and focus on governing.

He said Zambians want to hear about how the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway would be completed, how the Mufulira-Mokambo road would be completed and how they intend to lower the cost of living that was affecting most Zambians.

He said he was wondering why the UPND government was failing to govern because things were made simple for them by the previous regime.

Mr Lusambo said the PF government suffered because they had invested heavily in infrastructure and had they been in government now the people of Zambia would have been enjoying the fruits of those sacrifices.

He said under the PF regime this country was linked by road and it was hard to believe that the UPND were failing to deliver despite things having been made simple for them.

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