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By Kalunga Mwape in Kasama

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba has charged that politicians in Northern Province are a let down.

Paramount Chitimukulu said that for 57 years now the politicians that are elected to represent the people of Northern Province have failed to deliver development to the people in all aspects.

Speaking at the ILAMFYA, he   wondered what the members of parliament from the northern region do in parliament if they can not bring development for the people who elected them.

“Our Bemba politicians are a let down to this province because they have failed to bring any significant development to point at,” he said.

Chief Chitimukulu said that the poverty levels in the province are high because people do not have jobs owing to the lack of opportunities and a conducive environment for people to sustain themselves.

He said that the northern hemisphere politicians should emulate their colleagues who invest in areas where they come from as opposed to merely bragging that they are Bemba and come from Northern province.

The traditional leader said that he has now started sourcing for cooperating partners adding that native Indians are expected to invest in the areas through the construction of industries among other things.

“If  our people fail to invest in the area then we will find alternatives and it is for this reason I inform you that I am going to America and talking to the native Indians who are more than willing to come and invest in our province.”

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