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Suspects in booth agent’s murder case picked


POLICE have apprehended some suspects in connection with the murder of a mobile booth agent, Emmanuel Nyirenda 22 of Chipata district following investigations into the matter.

The victim was believed to have been killed by unknown people who enticed him into a transaction away from his both between June 10 and 11, 2022.

Police public relations officer, Rae Hamoonga said in an interview that some suspects have been apprehended to help with  investigations.

“In as much as we have lost a life, we have some suspects that we are holding regarding this matter, we have apprehended some suspects,” he said.  Mr. Hamoonga urged   mobile booth agents countrywide to always operate from their designated places and not to allow anyone lure them into making  any transactions away from the area of operation.

He said mobile agents should always remember that they are handling cash which was a rare commodity therefore once they succumb to lures of making transactions away from the booths, they are endangering their lives.

“Mobile money agents should not at any point leave their points of duty, just like in a bank where a teller always operates from the till, for the simple reason that it’s where you can secured,” he said.

Mr. Hammonga said as police they re-echo the appeal to mobile agents to conduct their business within the booth because the habit of leaving their area of operations when making transactions was putting their lives in danger.

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