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Engage Interpol in tracking FJT University contractor, Lubinda advises Milupi


GOVERNMENT should engage Interpol and other international agencies if they feel the contractors that were constructing the Frederick Jacob Titus (FJT) Chiluba University rather than implicate the former regime for wrong doing, PF acting president Given Lubinda has said.

Mr Lubinda said if they suspected that China Energy Engineering Group Hunan Power Construction Co vanished in thin air there are a number of institutions that could be used to track them.

He was reacting to claims by Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi who claimed that the minister of Justice then was supposed to tell the nation the nitty gritties of the FJT contracts.

Mr Lubinda said if indeed the contractor had run away, there was need to engage the police to track down the culprits if they were culpable.

“The government should use Interpol and even embassies to trace them from wherever they were hiding,” he said.

Mr Lubinda said when the contractor came into Zambia they indicated their addresses at PACRA meaning if the government was serious they could trace them.

Mr Milupi said the ministry of Justice was privy to the fine details and the then minister, Mr Lubinda, was privy and could help.

He also said that in the new government no contractor would be allowed to get a down payment then vanish as they would follow the law to the letter.

“During our tenure we are not going to allow such a scenario where someone gets a contract and down payment and then vanishes. It is unacceptable,” Mr Milupi said.

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