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Fight against corruption is scheme to eliminate opponents – GBM


THE New dawn fight against corruption is nothing but a scheme aimed at politically eliminating opponents, Patriotic  Front(PF) Deputy National Mobilisation committee Chairperson Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has said.

Mr Mwamba  said the  UPND fight against corruption is targeted at eliminating political threats from Northern, Luapula, Eastern and Muchinga provinces.

He said the  UPND government is aware that it has failed to deliver to the expectations of the Zambian people and have now started politically eliminating opponents to make it easy for their re-election in 2026.

He said the genuine fight against corruption should have also targeted UPND officials who are allegedly involved in corrupt practices.

“What is happening now is nothing close to  the fight against corruption but political persecution to eliminate political opponents because they have realized that Zambians are not happy with their performance,” Mr Mwamba said.

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The former defense minister said the genuine corruption fight  should start with investigations into the  fertilizer supply scandal, Foreign and International minister Henry Kakubo and failure by Mahogany air to provide an aircraft despite being paid among others.

“I can tell you that yes there were some corrupt elements in PF like any other government across the world.  However, the corruption fight right now is just a scheme to eliminate political threats because if the UPND was genuine about the fight, it  would have started with those suspected of corruption from within government and extend it outside,” he said.

He said the UPND will go down in Zambia’s history as a one term government if it continues on its current trajectory.

“The cost of living is escalating everyday but we have a government preoccupied with fixing political opponents,”Mr Mwamba said.

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