THE United Party for National Development (UPND) administration must quickly put in place measures aimed at ending the suffering of citizens instead of wasting resources on vengeance, Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Edwin Lifwekelo has said.
Mr Lifwekelo said it was important to remind the UPND that it promised the nation that it would fix the economy immediately it formed government.
But it is no longer a secret that ordinary Zambians were grappling with the harshest living conditions in decades.
He said many families were barely surviving as they did not know where their next meal would come from because of the high cost of food.
The prices of essential commodities and basic household consumables were beyond the reach of an average household.
“Their groans are too audible to be ignored. They need relief, not promises. Instead of relentlessly harassing and persecuting political foes the new dawn administration should ensure that food and household consumables are affordable to the poor,” he said.
Mr Lifwekelo said besides the unaffordable prices of household consumables travel had become a luxury as a result of the exorbitant price of fuel. He said workers and traders were walking long distances to and from their work and trading places as they could no longer afford the bus fares under this incompetent government.
“We urge President Hakainde Hichilema to stop his tourism foreign trips and deliver to Zambians what he promised them. He should stop claiming that his government needs more time to honour those promises because Zambians will not take that excuse,” Mr Lifwekelo said.
Mr Lifwekelo said when the President was making the promises he did not tell the voters that they would wait for one year before he could start delivering.
He said as a reminder President Hichilema publicly declared that after being sworn in as head of State at 10:00 hours the rate of the kwacha against the dollar would drop by 14:00 hours.
He said the price of mealie meal would immediately drop from K170 to K50 while the price of fuel would drop from K17 to K12 or K13.

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