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THE Miss My Home Town pageant wowed revellers with the amount of cash prizes splashed by dollar billionaire, James Ndambo, who ensured every contestant did not walk away empty handed.

The green buck did a lot of talking last night bringing to light the adage, “actions speak louder than words”, with the organisers splashing out cash awards left, right and centre.

Some lucky pageant show goers also benefitted from the Ndambo generosity when they got romped into a live game to show how people should use their brains to solve issues.

The 10 volunteers walked away with $1000 each after the stage experiment.

He basically called 10 volunteers, three from the adult pageant category,  three from the younger ladies category and four from the audience.

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In his usual style of using parables and examples, Mr. James Ndambo illustrated that his company has invested in a restaurant and has employed 10 Chefs with a $50, 000 monthly salary.

However, the catch was that before they get employed, they needed to produce a My Home Town registration Certificate or $500 cash, or else the officers that he had assigned would not allow them passage into the restaurant (as a matter of illustration).

However, none of the volunteers knew that in the Aprons that they wore, there was $1, 000 cool cash needed to pay their way through.

As for the contestants, apart from touring the world, shopping and learning the art of business, the contestants, all received $1000 in additional to the freebies.

While the two winners in the two categories walked away with $150,000 and $50,000 for the youth and elderly  groupings, respectively, there were also many other cash rewards dished out.

Faith Mukonko got the top crown, $150,000 and a brand new Benz while the 30 t0 60 category was scooped by Doris Couvaras who got $50,000 plus a brand new car also.

The runners up in the 18 to 30 category got $75,000 and $50,000 while the other category got $30,000 and $20,000.

The top 10 in the youthful category all received $10,000.

Winning charities proposed by some contestants also got recognition with startup capital.

The show was however, not without drama as chairman Ndambo castigated government for firing twerking nurses, whom he promptly adopted and assured them of passage to the land of the free.

Mr Ndambo later apologised for the slight as Southern Province minister, Cornelius Mweetwa fumed and explained that it was not government which had fired the nurses but a private institution. He explained that government role was to reinstate the nurses, who are still in school.

Mr Ndambo said the national anthem stanza on freedom, should make sense only if people were truly free, to twerk if they wanted to.

The  New Apostolic church was one of the lucky beneficiaries with four brand new Marcopolo buses.

A week ago, the Police in Choma not only had their offices spruced up, but also received new vehicles.

A whole new road, complete with street lights was commissioned on the eve of the pageant.

This has left social media commentators asking if Mr Ndambo could spread his generosity to other parts of the country.

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