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REPORTS suggesting that the Nationa Assembly has increased salaries for Members of Parliament is mere propaganda meant to mislead the public, Nkana MP Binwell Mpundu has said in a Facebook post.  

Mr Mpundu said no  such   debate to increase salaries took place  however, indicated that MPs deserve better emoluments considering the important tasks they perform in their constituencies.  

He said MPs have a lot of responsibilities in their constituencies which require them to folk into their pockets.

Mr Mpundu challenged the public to be sincere as they debate the welfare of their members of parliament as to whether they are entitled to better perks considering their huge responsibilities.   He explained that for him to travel to and from his constituency, he spends K20, 000 on fuel every month.

“I spend K20, 000 on fuels for my trips to the constituency but there are some MPs who spend K6000 or more on fuel to attend to their constituencies,” he said.

He said on top of fuel he has to service his car every month further increasing the cost.  

Mr Mpundu said he has also to attend to community needs such helping at funerals which is costing him not less than K2000 per day.  He also said as an MP he is sponsoring school children on whom he is spending not less than K8000 per month.

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